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Community Service

The Faculty of Applied Arts – Benha University organizes several training courses for community service in the disciplines determined by councils of departments and approved by the Faculty council according to the following:

1-      Courses are held for 3 months in the following dates:

-          First level (October, November, and December)

-          Second level (February, March, and April)

-          Third level (intensive course in July)

2-      The course is held twice a week for the first and second levels and four days for the third level by 3 hours daily.

3-      The scientific departments determine numbers accepted for each course.

4-      The free department does not grant a certificate for appointment.

5-       There is an interview to determine the level of the applicant.

6-      Student bears requirements of the course like materials and tools.

7-      Study is held in the evening.

8-      Faculty members and their assistants are responsible for study in the free department.