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Quality Unit


The Quality Unit at the Faculty of Applied Arts looks forward to achieve the leadership in all fields related to the quality and technical accreditation in order to ensure creativity and excellence in the research and administrative work at the department.


The Unit seeks to disseminate the culture of quality and apply its standards to improve the educational, research and administrative actions according to the international quality and accreditation standards.


Strategic Objectives

The Unit aims to

1-      Establish strategy and general policy for the quality at the Department.

2-      Disseminate the culture of quality throughout holding and organizing conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops.

3-      Evaluate the performance and ensure quality.

4-      Develop the research and administrative work according to the national and international standards.

5-      Follow-up standards and indicators of performance at the academic, research and administrative level.

6-      Contribute with the Faculty departments and units to do the best for raising the international University rank.