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Faculty members and assistants are sent on missions to get the scientific degrees. Such missions are divided into:

External Missions:

The member is sent on mission at the state's expense to one of foreign countries for getting the scientific degree. Such type of mission requires that the age of the member shall not be more than 30 years.

Internal Missions:

The student may get an internal mission by the mutual supervision which combines between the advantages of internal and external missions by foreign supervisor and internal supervisor. The student may travel abroad to prepare the scientific subject and the thesis then return to the homeland to conduct the discussion for getting the degree.


These grants are provided by foreign states to the Egyptian government for qualifying the assistants to get their scientific degrees. The foreign state bears the expenses of grants provided o the student.

There are personal grants that the member may get by contacts and in that case the member bears the expenses and the university will give him a vacation for studying.

Scientific Missions

Faculty members and assistants are sent on temporary scientific missions outside the University for 1 year that may be renewable once time.

Scientific and Cultural Exchanges

Scientific and Cultural exchanges depend on contracts and agreements that held between the University and the external institutions. The member is subjected to the provisions and articles of that contracts and agreements.


Conferences include faculty members to attend scientific conferences, workshops and seminars inside and outside according to the required conditions.

Teacher Preparation Course

The Faculty announces for the date of the course twice a year and takes procedures to hold it for demonstrators and assistant lecturers.